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Human Resource (HR)

HR Consulting Services

In a Business, Establishment, or Factory, apart from the investment, human resources are the major part, which can be inbuilt in an organization or outsourced.

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Effortless, uniform, standardized, and easily navigable for a variety of age groups and multiple touch points.

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Our Program gives relevant direction with personalized and pertinent data for another coherent step within the user’s travel.

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The isolated, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop design and reusable components adapt to the evolving capacity management needs of each industry.

Payroll processing

From calculating employee wages to the disbursement through online mode after deducting and remitting the statutory dues. By which your staff receives accurate, timely pay and your relevant records will be protected and available in the cloud-based system.

Time and attendance software

For having the control and monitoring over the actual worked hours, processing time off, and providing data reports.

Policy making and workplace health & safety

Assisting the right HR policies and practices in accordance with the nature of work.

Recruiting and onboarding

Supporting for recruiting the best candidates and developing a productive onboarding process.

Compliance and risk

Compliance of all statutory provisions including taxes and maintaining the records will set down the risk to zero level.

Training and development

Training triggers the development of an organisation. Skilled professionals on various field who could provide the required trainings.

Advantages on Outsource

  • Cost saving
  • Record maintenance on outsourced digital platform will reduces the time & stationary.
  • Utilizing the expert service on need basis.
  • Instant option for filling up the vacancies
  • Mobilizing the strength based on the project needs.

We Prolify Tech could reasonably reduce the expenditure on HR.

Labour Compliance

Statutory Compliance

Pre-defined legal framework within which any given organisation must function. This framework is termed statutory compliance. Basically, the organisation must treat its employees in a way that is in adherence to various central and state labour laws.

Our services which include of

Statutory Compliance Service

Non-Compliance Impacts

  • Failure in compliance of EPF, ESI, and Professional tax
  • Non remittance of dues and taxes within the stipulated time
  • Failure to meet other legal obligations such as breaking laws, regulations, or contractual agreements
  • Ignorance or a lack of awareness
  • Intentional violation for personal gain or other motivations.

Legal and Regulatory Risk

The Statutory Authorities may inspect the organization, which could cause significant financial losses and damage due to legal risks.

Reputational Risk

Non-compliance can damage a company's reputation and undermine the trust of stakeholders, including customers, investors, employees, and the public.

Financial Risk

This includes fines, penalties, and legal fees associated with non-compliance violations. It can also impact profitability, cash flow, and overall financial stability.

Operational Risk

Failure to adhere to industry standards and best practices can lead to inefficiencies, errors, and operational disruptions.

Ethical and Social Risk

Ethical and social risks can impact the overall sustainability and long-term viability of a business.

Recruitment Assistance

Are you tried of shifting through countless resumes and conducting endless interview.

Prolify Tech recruitment service is here to make your recruitment easier and your hiring process smoother than ever. Let us take the hassle out of hiring, so you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business. We’re matchmakers of talent, finding the perfect fit for your team, not just a candidate. Together, we’ll create the future of your workforce. Elevate your recruitment experience today with us.

How does a Recruitment Solution works?

Top benefits of hiring through recruitment through Prolify

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Save Time And Money
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Get Expert Legal Opinions
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Industry Expertise