Prolify, a HealthTech company providing transformative healthcare technology solutions.

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Actionable end-to-end insights, technology & solutions for Providers and Payers.

Prolify collaborates with payers and providers to deliver improved financial, operational and clinical outcomes across the healthcare continuum.

Break down vendor/process silos to expose shortfalls and improve outcomes While Other companies function as silos within their clients’ processes, making it difficult to see how one stage affects another then downstream, Prolify.

Prolify quickly finds where clients are struggling most by leveraging our three centers of excellence, RCM, Analytics and Consulting, at the same time, making the sum significantly greater and more impactful than the individual parts



Providers with fragmented technology and operations can require bandwidth that otherwise could be spent with patients. Prolify is uniquely positioned to address current and future market needs because we use insights from both payers and providers to drive improved outcomes.

  • IDNs and health systems/hospitals: we generate improvements with current processes and vendors and can even work as a service provider within existing internal systems.
  • Ambulatory networks, Physician/Dental Practices, etc.: we elevate existing processes and platforms without requiring new systems.



When community-based or Provider-owned health plans lack infrastructure, skillsets, resources or protocols to mine data and derive actionable insights, Prolify has proven technology, analytics and expertise that drive results.


  • Unleashing the Power of Intelligence in Revenue Cycle Management:

    Healthcare accounts for 30% of all data generated globally. Despite an explosion of research, transformation undertaking and regulatory efforts, best in class outcomes have eluded the industry leading to low patient satisfaction. In the search for answers industry is embracing predictive insights to drive meaningful outcomes.

  • Interoperability and Why It Is Long Overdue to Bend the Cost Curve:

    In March 2020, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) released detailed rules and guidelines on healthcare data interoperability designed to provide patients with easy and complete access to their healthcare information.

Why Prolify? Future-Proof Financial and Patient Outcomes