Prolify, a HealthTech company providing transformative healthcare technology solutions.

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About Us

Nimble. Trustworthy. Experienced

We’re all patients, and we know how frustrating healthcare can be due to its lack of transparency from myriad disparate and unconnected systems. Having confidence in the integrity of provider and payer processes to deliver optimal health and financial outcomes is paramount.

Most revenue cycle management companies function as silos of expertise within their clients’ processes, making it difficult to see how one stage affects another downstream. Prolify helps clients where they’re struggling most, whether that be insight, diagnosis, or sheer manpower. We do this by leveraging our three centers of excellence, RCM, Analytics and Consulting, at the same time, making the sum significantly greater and more impactful than the individual parts.

Our extensive experience in the healthcare industry across the provider and payer value chain qualifies us to enable this transformation. From management consulting to health IT and business operations, we help clients create the best outcomes for their patients and members."

Our Mission

Our Mission

To be the most valuable, trusted partner for healthcare providers and payers by leveraging technology, analytics and insights to future-proof business, financial and patient outcomes.

Improve our clients' business, financial and patient/member outcomes through obsessive attention to detail and fanatical service.

Our Values